Angle Up

Of AI/ML Enthusiasts, Professionals



Our goal is to be a community of AI/ML enthusiasts and professionals where teaching, learning and collaboration is the culture.

We seek to demistify AI/ML among tomorrow's working class especially in minorities, to build high-demand skills to make them globally competitive.

To be the largest and most ethnically diverse community of AI/ML enthusiasts, learners, professionals, researchers and creators.

Demistifying AI/ML

Launched in December 2020, we have organized meetups, conferences and training events to create an awareness of the potentials of AI/ML technologies.

We are collaborating with academic institutions, industry players and government agencies to train people with skills useful for tomorrow.



AiMlCamp is an ethically diverse community of AI/ML enthusiasts, professionals, researchers and creators coming together in an environment that encourages exploration and growth with a culture of teaching, learning and collaboration.

At AIMLCamp, no one knows it all, no one knows nothing at all, we are all together teachers, learners and team mates.

You will be amazed at how much you can achieve

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